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Our Data Driven Company Breakup
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  • Data Driven Content Writers
  • Data Driven SEO Experts
  • Market Research Analysts
  • Psychologists
  • Sociologists

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Our Data Driven Approach from Start to Growth

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Research is a very important part that we start with even before starting the project to see if the success probability percentage of that venture. For that, we understand the market demand in terms of searches on search engines, competition, conversion percentage in the industry, check trends on both pull & push media platforms like facebook, linkedin, twitter, google, do gap analysis. We also go through paid business reports of Industry trends and forecasts along with publically available data through usually government sources.

Once done with this, we go over and do the financial forecasting to see if & when can your goals be achieved and we are pretty much realistic about it. Entrepreneurs sometimes set very high expectations and then loose motivation and this is one of the major psychological reason of many startups failing and many getting erased from Fortune 500 since 2000 and few replacing them. We start on the right foot to make sure that the expectations are set right…

Once we start the project, our different departments join in together to get on the research part where psychologists understand the behavioral psychology & purchasing of your consumers in terms of words they like, dislike, words that makes them excited, what makes them sad, colors, feelings and many other attributes that fit your industry. The list is endless and that’s why we have masters in psychology taking care of this department.

Our Sociology department headed by a doctorate looks into the buyer persona and work along with psychologists & marketing head to give the content writers the communication that should go out on the website, social media channels, emails, push notifications, their frequency etc on many other types of campaigns as well. The communication then needs to be designed in a manner where the information can be easily digested and can have the best conversion percentage in today’s overly competitive world. Then let the results speak……

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Bill Gates once quoted - Content is the King, but not everyone is Bill Gates and nor everyone knows what it takes to make content the King.

Communication is like a game of chess where you need to know to the strength of each piece and how to use it better than your opponent. Every of your page, blog, PR, Articles, Newsletter, Social Media, video content or any form of content should have a defined objective. So we know what it will take to help you achieve your objective and getting visitors into the buyer funnel to help you increase your clients.

We use NLP, semantics behavioral psychology, purchasing behavior, reverse-engineering and many other attributes to help your content be the real king because it will dominate. It’s very important to extract important data from research elements of buyer personas and behavioral psychology. The content preference and purchasing behavior ensures that there is no compromise on the communication part.

We help businesses draft phenomenal content that not just increases traffic to your website but also increase your conversion percentage and have people rave about your brand. As a result, you’ll experience a growing trust within your users surfing on the website. So, when people say, content is the king, it means something. But, not manykkings can survive, in a territory. There can be just a few.

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Being presentable is an important element in how you scale your business. How you present yourself as a package determines whether your target audience takes you as an expert, an average or mediocre. See how data-driven designing is helping you in giving the presentable look to your website that converts.

Designing is not just a work of art. It is also influenced by the science of data and information in today’s era. Collection and analysis of data is the key to the creation of amazing design and user experience.

Although designers who aren’t familiar with the concept may get intimidated by the wonders it can do with the design. It requires proper research to know what your users actually want. Without data to back up the decisions made about how to create possible designs for the best user experience, designers are just shooting in the dark. Data provides insights to a designer, in a way, so that they can create the best possible designs for the people who use their products. This data includes web and app analytics on an existing iteration of the product, user-interviews, multivariate test results, behavior flows and other types of UX research.

Analytics are the richest form of data sources for designers. During the redesigning of a website or application, designers can fetch information from the existing analytics to determine what’s working or not. Considering the UX analytics also, as the changes are made helps a lot. These data analytics dashboards can make large data sets easier for the designers and other stakeholders.

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What’s your approach of Development determines experience, ease, security for your users.

Development is a qualitative parameter but most of the times just because of the lack of know-how, right technologies and platforms aren’t used to help you attain your business goals both in terms of expansion and consolidation. Remember the old time kings? Some of them failed because while looking for expansion, they were getting weaker in consolidation. So we learn from failures, success, trends, the cost-effectiveness of technologies.

We do data-informed development to help you be secure, scalable and provide future integration opportunities to thrive on the web.

The sense of sharp observation in assessing the problems doing data-driven development is one of our key fundamental skills that leaves us apart from anyone else. We follow a very old concept - that let our work do the talking, because, eventually, everything else does fall into place.

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Is it easy to build from scratch or to achieve the same through reverse engineering? It depends, right?

We believe its essential to learn from the successful case studies, in-trend strategies and some of the exceptional proprietary tools we have. But that does not mean that you shouldn’t learn from the mistakes that have led to failures. It's an important aspect of data-driven marketing.

We do marketing keeping your business objectives in mind and helping you accomplish those using reverse engineering on multiple search engine platforms like - Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu and also social media platforms

We use Data and Analytics to evolve B2B Marketing strategies to help businesses improve their brand storytelling and draw insights out of unstructured information that further helps in creating value for customers. We believe, Data is the most powerful resource that can convert a name into a brand. With numerous in-house tools, we possess the ability to extract the various unstructured information in hand & create a pattern by connecting the dots. For every business, that pattern shape differs. Join us to have an enthralling experience in the spectrum of digital marketing!

Analyzing the behavioral flow and User research also become very easy to understand with the help of data. This data may be in the form of contextual interviews with the actual users, focus groups, surveys and heuristic analysis among others. With such information, decision making and implementation become way sorted and effective, which helps us serve our clients in the best manner.

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